Gannon’s Ice Cream Midsummer Classic

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a new Gannon’s tradition. We are proud to announce the Gannon’s Ice Cream Midsummer Classic. On August 6th the 32 top flavors of last year, excluding vanilla and chocolate, will go head to head in an all out battle for the title of “Chillin’ Champion.” The round of 32 will have two matches each day for eight days, the next round will have eight match-ups over eight days, the next will have four match-ups over four days and the next round will have 2 match-ups over two days each. The final round will decide the champion and will last for three days. Come in at any time during the Midsummer Classic and tell your scooper that you would like to sample the flavor match-up of the day, and then cast your vote for your favorite flavors. You will be able to see each flavor’s progress on the bracket in the window of our 1525 Valley Drive location. We will also be holding a bracket challenge. Stop in and fill out your own bracket, the top five brackets will win a “Chillin’ Champion” hoodie and will be posted with our bracket in the store. We will also be giving away Midsummer Classic T-Shirts on our Facebook Page so be sure to check there frequently to see when a giveaway is happening. Welcome to the first ever Gannon’s Ice Cream Midsummer Classic! Let the Games Begin!