Catering & Weddings

Ice cream is the perfect way to entertain and treat your guests at your next event, office party or wedding! Gannon’s can cater any combination of homemade award winning cool treats. The most common catering services are listed on the website. If you have something else in mind just let us know! Gannon's is happy to work with you to meet your requests. Send an email to to let us know how we can help make your event a smash.

To receive a quote for your catering event, please fill out our Online Catering Request Form.

Cups and Cones

Looking for something to really add some panache to your party?  Why not have Gannon’s come?!  Kids and adults alike will love the personal and professional service they get, oh right, and the premium homemade ice cream.We send two of our most experienced scoopers with our famous Gannon’s Cart, chock full of your favorite flavors.  Best of all, we do the set-up and clean-up so you can grab a cone and enjoy your own party!

Sundae Bar

Ice Cream not enough?  We’ve got you covered!  No really, hot fudge, candies, sprinkles, whip cream, you name it. Whether it’s a wedding reception, birthday or graduation party, or an employee appreciation event people really get excited about creating their own ice cream masterpieces.  As with the Cups and Cones catering option, we come to scoop the flavors, but you get to add the toppings to your heart’s content.Set-up and clean-up are taken care of so you can sit back and enjoy your custom-made Peanut Butter Blast with your guests.

Pre-Packed Scoops

Want something a little more low-key or just need something to-go?  You don’t have to skip the great dessert!  Just tell us how many people you have and what flavors you want and we’ll have them ready, hand-packed in cups.  You can come to the store for pick-up or tell us where the party is and we’ll bring them to you.

Bulk Ice Cream

Have you been working on your scooping arm all winter?  Now you can order homemade Gannon’s Ice Cream in bulk for your party or picnic and scoop it yourself.  We’ll even work with you to make the ice cream flavor of your dreams come true! Order ahead of time and we can have it at the perfect scooping temp.  Cups, spoons, and cones are included.  Come and pick it up if you’re in the neighborhood or better yet, tell us what time you want to have dessert and we can drop it off!